K-Scholarship Application Program:

2023 Scholarship Year



Application Information

Application Available                  January 1, 2023
Application Deadline                  24:00 31st Jan, 2023 (SAST)
Application Method                   only via email: kscholar@supexgroup.com



1. Application Package


1.1. In application, the following documents shall be submitted

1.1.1. Applicant Info – Please refer to Download Form 1

1.1.2. Copy of ID

1.1.3. School Report for 2022

1.1.4. School Bill for 2023

1.1.5. Essay in English

1.1.6. Recommendation

1.1.7. Declaration – Please refer to Download Form 2

1.2. Application documents must be made and submitted by the applicant himself/herself, not by the 3rd party.

1.3. Applications submitted via email should state the subject and file name as follows: Qualification/Criteria/Name (eg: KWV/G8/Christine)

1.4. Original school reports may be requested to be submitted, or may be checked directly with the school, in case.

1.5. Essay shall not exceed one page, be typed in English (in Korean, in case of Korean), be signed, and must include:

1.5.1. Reasons to need financial assistance

1.5.2. Vision

1.5.3. Personal information in details

1.5.4. Comment on being a donor to K-Scholarship (for KWV only) in the future, etc.

1.6. Recommendation must be issued by a related organization such as KWV from SAKWVA, SD from SASSA.

1.7. All documents must be submitted in order on a single file PDF format

1.8. Should any one of the required information listed in the above Application requirements above be lacking, that application will not be evaluated



2. Application Criteria


2.1. Application Criteria is as follows

2.1.1. High School Students (G8~G12)

2.1.2. College/University Students/Post Graduate Students (U1~U6)

2.2. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time program in South Africa during the scholarship application year.

2.3. Applicants must be not less than 60% of a cumulative GPA in the previous scholarship year.



3. Applicant Qualification


K-Scholarships are offered to students who meet the following criteria, in order of preference:

3.1. Direct Descendants of SA Veterans who served in the Korean War (KWV);
3.2. Students of Korean Nationality(SK);
3.3. Students with Disabilities of SA nationality (SD)
3.4. Special Qualifications (SQ); K-POP, K-Speech, K-Sports, etc.




4. Evaluation & Award


4.1. Evaluation Criteria and Points

4.1.1. Scholastic/Extracurricular achievement         50%

4.1.2. Financial need                                              30%

4.1.3. Essay                                                            20%

4.2. Evaluation Method

4.2.1. Short List  The following applications will be excluded from the short list Applications which arrive beyond the application period Application lacking of any requirements from one of the Application Package Applications which are not in the criteria of Section 2 and/or Section 3.

4.2.2. 1st Evaluation – Applications in the short list will be evaluated by a committee of 5 evaluators, which consist of 1 from Korean Embassy, 3 from Korean Associations, 1 from K-Scholarship Directors

4.2.3. Financial need (max 30 points) and Essay (max 20 points) only will be evaluated by 5 evaluators from the 1st evaluation

4.2.4. Scholastic Points will be 60~69 = 10 points, 70~75 = 15 points, 76~79 = 20 points, 80~85 = 30 points, 86~89 = 40 points, 90~100 = 50 points

4.2.5. Award  Depending upon the Final Evaluation Results and Budget for each scholarship year, awardees will be decided by the board of directors of K-Scholarship. In case of SQ scholarship, the board of directors will make it’s decision without the above process. Awardees will be announced in this website early January in this website



5. Payment for the scholarship


5.1. All scholarship will be paid directly to the school account , strictly in accordance with the school fees statement. Should any request made to be paid into any other account, that scholarship shall be cancelled.

5.2. K-Scholarships paid can be R100,000.00/year/student at maximum.

5.3. Full or partial scholarship can be offered.

5.4. In 3 days after the announcement, the acceptance letter in K-Scholarship form will be sent to each awardee for awardee’s signature.

5.5. In 3 days after receiving the acceptance letter signed, Proof of payment of the offered K-Scholarship will be supplied.

5.6. If any document and/or any information furnished is proved false, that scholarship shall be cancelled and/or refunded by the recipient immediately. Further, that applicant will be on blacklist of K-scholarship.