Thank you for your interest in supporting the K-Scholarship South Africa.


K-Scholarship seeks individual and corporate contributors to take a part of this campaign to help our next generation for our better society.


Your contribution, large or small, will make a huge difference not only in helping our next generation to achieve academic excellence but more importantly, to teach them to give back to our society.




Donation Options


1. Chair Scholarship – by donating one time the amount of R300,000 or more, or by donating the amount of R50,000 or more every year for 10 years, K-Scholarship will establish a chair scholarship

under your name (or your designated name). You may also designate any major (i.e., Engineering, Music, etc.) for your chair scholarship.


2. Designated Scholarship – for a given year, you can choose to donate R30,000 or more toward a designated scholarship. You may also designate any major (i.e., Engineering, Music, etc.) for your scholarship


3. General Contribution – you can support the mission of K-Scholarship by contributing any amount.



Fund Management


1. K-Scholarship shall have only one Cheque Account and Money Market Account each at FNB.


2. All the endowments shall be received and kept and managed only at one of the above accounts.


3. The payment from the above accounts shall be limited directly to the school account depending upon the school bills. In case, the payment to such as SARS, Accountant, Lawyer, etc will be allowed.


4, For the above Chair Scholarship Donors, proof of payment to the awardee can be supplied upon request.