Sankei Jang (Poet, 1952~ )



Pen name: Namje Jang

Born in Korea in 1952

Started his literary Career in 2002 through a magazine, “Literary World”

Acting as a member of poet club: “Feelpoem” ( at present

As a collection of his poems, “On the Day (2003)”, “Dear Dandelion (2018)”, “From the Cape of Good Hope (2020)”.


1980   joined LG Electronics Company, Seoul, Korea

1988   moved to SA as a Representative of LG Electronics SA Company

1995   retired at SA, and established an own company “Supex International cc”

1998   established “Supex Medical Supplies cc”

2000   established “Supex Property Investment cc”

2000   established “SKC Latex cc”

2019   established ”K-Scholarship”


At present, Chairman of Supex Group & Chairman of K-Scholarship